RAX50 unstable after wireless config changes

I picked up the RAX50 a week ago and have been using it in Access Point Mode (5GHZ only, 2.4 turned off).  It appears to work fine until I make some type of wireless change like:

- a channel change (I gave DFS channels a try, but then decided not to)
- turn on or off the AX option
- change the 5GHZ mode from 1200 to 2400

Then it's unstable, even after rebooting:

- randomly drops internet access (while the main router sees internet just fine)
- clients randomly lose connection to it
- some clients can no longer see the Wifi network name at all, or fail to connect to it after re-entering credentials


Then I reset to factory defaults, reconfigure it all over again, including the new changes I wanted to try and it's visible to all clients and perfectly stable again. 


Same symptoms on both firmware versions V1.0.2.32_2.0.38 and later with V1.0.2.64_2.0.41 as well.


Initially, I had it running fine under AX and 1200 mbps mode, then I realized that only got 433 mbps on 2x2 AC clients so I toggled the mode up to 2400mbps to at least get the max link rate up to 866mbps and it became unstable after that. I reset it back to factory defaults but with AX off this time and all was well for 24 hours. Then I just simply toggled AX back on and the same unstability returned. I Factory reset again and got it all setup the same with AX on and it's now stable once again (so far).


Anyone else come across similar weirdness? I've got a few days before I decide to return it and just replace it with something completely different, or just go back to my old AC router which works great, but I just wanted to give a newer AX router a try.

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Re: RAX50 unstable after wireless config changes

I've packed it up and it's going back to Best Buy for a refund.


It worked fine for a day and then a laptop lost internet; Windows status is connected/no internet.  Only this client.  No amount of laptop reboots, change ip address, etc, etc would get it going.  It connects back to the AP again just fine, but no internet and no other network routing (can't get to the router GUI nor see any other connected computer either.)  I can switch over to another AP on the same network and this same client works just fine there.


Only a router reboot got it working again.  Sorry, I really liked this router otherwise, but I'll stick to my dependable old AC router for now.

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Re: RAX50 unstable after wireless config changes

Hi Dan32, 


Have you had moment to contact our support team regarding your issues?



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Re: RAX50 unstable after wireless config changes

Too late, it went back to Best Buy for a refund and I put my old dependable AC router as an access point (non-Netgear) back in service.    I'm not interested in spending any more time tinkering with a premium >$300 CAD router that should just work out of the box. 


I also have an R7800 (main) and R6250 (AP) servicing a 2nd network and those have been rock solid and never need attention either so I'm dissappointed that the RAX50 did not live up to the same reputation.


I'm still open to trying AX again in a few months if there's a new hardware revision out or any evidence of probable fixes listed in future firmware updates.





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Re: RAX50 unstable after wireless config changes

I am having the same issues with my new RAX50. Wifi connections are up, but loss of internet to some or all suddenly occurs. Opened a case with Netgear and the technician walked me through the process of resetting configs to default, at which point everything was working (a process I've now done 3-4 times). Once i changed SSID and plugged in my extender (EX8000) same symptoms occurred. Netgear tech said he'd call me back...silence.

I did call my ISP and they will be coming on Thursday to replace my modem and perform line tests even though i don't think this is the problem. I now have my original ISP provided router plugged back in with no issues.

I'll be meeting Dan at Best Buy in the returns department if i can't figure this out by the weekend.

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Re: RAX50 unstable after wireless config changes

I have the same exact problem with RAX50. I originally thought it was a bad 5GHz channel setting or something along those lines but I have been unable to resolve this. The device is just faulty. It peridoically and randomly loses connection to the internet over the 5GHz wifi. The signal is present and strong across the house, but devices that connect over the 5GHz network get a "No access to the internet" error. 

If connected to the 2.4GHz network, everything is fine.

This happens randomly and regularly and the only way I have found to resolve this is to reboot the router. The connection is then restored and everything works as expected.

I also noticed that the connection degrades over time. After a reboot connection is working and bandwidth is fast across the whole house. After a few days it starts struggling a bit, sometimes dropping the bandwidth to low 2 digit megabits, then eventually it all goes to hell and the router needs to be rebooted.

Extremely disappointed to have spent more that $300 on this product... 

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Re: RAX50 unstable after wireless config changes

What firmware version are you at?


The one I returned that was trouble was at .64 (latest back in July).  Could have been firmware, could have been hardware but it was easier to just return it, I didn't really need it other than to try something newer.


I bought another RAX50 a month later seeing that the latest firmware then was now at .66 with a long list of fixes AND it was on sale again but $100 cheaper.  This one started off pretty stable so I kept it.


I updated had it updated first to .66 and then running as an AP (5GHZ only,  DFS channel 100, 2400mbps mode, UPNP off, that's all) for 3 weeks straight, daily internet audio and video streaming from multiple devices, plus routine local LAN full computer backup every other day (multiple devices). 


Friday (2 days ago), one Wifi 5 tablet got the connected/no internet (connected but couldn't reach any local addresses like the RAX50 ip either).  No problem with any other device, and the tablet had no problem connecting and getting internet through the main router.  Seeing that firmware .72 just came out, now was a good time to install and reboot.  So far so good.  the only issue I see still is that it still can't sync time with the NTP server, whether the default or an alternate I tried.  Not a big deal for me as I don't do any scheduling or anything, but it's outstanding through a few firmwares already.  




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Re: RAX50 unstable after wireless config changes

Router is running firmware version: V1.0.2.66_2.0.42

When I check for a firmware update it tells me that there are no newer versions available.

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Re: RAX50 unstable after wireless config changes

Manually installed the update.. Still getting really low 5GHz speeds...

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Re: RAX50 unstable after wireless config changes

If it's 5GHZ signal strength that you are concerned about, there are a lot of environmental factors that can affect that so you may need to offer up some more details if anyone can offer any insight for you on that.


In general though, 5GHZ doesn't go very far, best line of sight, or maybe 1 or 2 drywall type walls. Stone or brick walls, forget it. Antenna orientation, placement in room like as high as possible or in a spot with very little furniture obstructions.
Also it's mostly the clients that dictate the range, especially battery powered devices that might scale back on power output at times to save battery life.


At the router level, you can try to use a fixed channel like 149, don't use AUTO (it might depend on the router and make but some of the lower channels might be using only half to a quarter of the max power output, especially DFS channels).


If you have any Android devices, get apps like Wifi Analyzer (open source) or Netspot and walk around your place to check for interference from neighbors using the same channels, and your signal strength in various locations.   (I'm sure there are Apple equivalents around as well if you don';t have any Android devices).


Immediately in front of the router with the high power channels should show you power levels in the -30 dbm range and go up from there the further you walk away from the router.  Don't look at client link rates as that all depends on the client (1x1, 2x2, Wifi 4, 5, or 6). For example a 1x1 wifi 5 client might only net you something like a 433mbps link rate at best.


All I can say is with my current RAX50, I have no problem with signal strength degrading over time with any of my clients in fixed areas, and I use the above apps to make sure I have good router placement and no overlap in channels with any neighbors or any of my other routers and APs in my place.

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