RAX50S router unidentified network

I recently purchased and installed this router.  There are about 10 devices connected to the router at various times.  The PCs at times lose the internet and display "Unidentified Network" when you hover the mouse over the PC wifi connection icon.  Nothing seems to work to get the connection back EXCEPT either resetting the router (unacceptable solution) or connecting to the 5GHz connection (for those PCs that have this option.   


I looked over all the device IP addresses and there are no conflicts that I can find.  This is irritating and must be fixed.  The old less capable Cisco router never did this.  


I thought I would start here before goimg to support.




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Re: RAX50S router unidentified network

Have you ever updated the firmware?  The latest version as of today is  It has a massive list of fixes.


If you are on this version, you might want to try to reset the router to factory defaults and re-install it again.  Then re-configure from scratch any custom changes you previously made.  Do not save and reload a configuration file.  If not, then do the same.


The other thing to look at, is your Wifi drivers on your PC's.  If you are using Intel AX cards, or any of the newer Intel AC cards that all use the same Proset drivers, you might want to head over to the Intel site and grab the lastest drivers (and for bluetooth as well as they are separate).  You won't necessariy get the latest drivers from Windows Update.


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Re: RAX50S router unidentified network

TNX.  The router firmware is up to date and the PCs have the latest drivers.

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Re: RAX50S router unidentified network

Have you reset the router via the small pinhole in the back to factory settings

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Re: RAX50S router unidentified network

I seem to have similar experiences on two RAX50 devices I deal with.
Issue seems to impact firmware as well.

Here is what I've found so far as well as a temporary workaround that I'm using...

RAX50 has:
Netgear Armor Enabled
IPv6 Enabled (DHCP w/ Comcast Xfinity)
QoS is Enabled using Speedtest to set upload and download thresholds, and thr Media QoS database is updated as of August 2020.

Beyond "Unknown" i also get "No Internet" and sure enough even the local LAN IP of the Router stops responding.
The easiest fix has been to disable IPv6 AND turn off QoS, then reboot. Leaving Armor on still seems workable...
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Re: RAX50S router unidentified network

OK....I dont want to do a hard reset as yet.  Another issue just came up....I seemed to have accidentally engaged Armor and It needs to go away.  How do I disable it in the admin pages?  If I click on the Armor icon nothing happens.  Everything I read lists using a cellphone (I do not have a fancy phone) to turn this mess on/off.  This Armor crap needs to go away!!!!!  It seems to be like a virus.

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Re: RAX50S router unidentified network

Don't think Armor is the culprit for this issue (see all the other settings i noted a above). It may be contributing but in either case to turn it off you so need the android or iOS apps.
I believe for the rax50s it starts enabled since you get 1 free year.
To turn it off:
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Re: RAX50S router unidentified network

Do not have an android or an ios phone.  How do you turn it off from the PC? 


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Re: RAX50S router unidentified network

Unless you can toggle it off in security you need the app to stop it. Always worth doing some research yourself. 

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Re: RAX50S router unidentified network

I reset to defaul;t settings, which was a massive PITA.  There was no way to disable the Armor thing.  NETGEAR please fix this if you are listening.  Not everyone has a cellphone and that app.  You should be able to turn Armor on or off from the Admin dashboard.  I will never of course turn that on again!

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Re: RAX50S router unidentified network

When you do the factory restet the app pops up to say do you want to use it, at the bottom click the never show me this again and it wont intall. As to massive pain in the ass it should be done after every update truth be told if you have issues. Maybe doing some reach about Armor would have helped?

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