RAX80 Firmware for Advanced Features Systemically Flawed


RAX80 Firmware for Advanced Features Systemically Flawed

Bought an RAX80 in January and it worked OK until the Firmware update around April. The app to turn on or off services started glitching. I factory reset the router, and pushed my LAN IP range outside of default, then set my network to "Deny new connections".  As I turned on my home devices - it accepted them.  App showed them green and passing data.  As I set IP reservations, the device name I just inputted would duplicate accross other device names.  So I'd have 5 different "PetePhone" with 5 different MAC ID's after I only saved a single reservation by that name. This continued until a few months ago, when Netgear swapped out my router, and the new router has the exact same problems.  This tells me the Firmware is systemically flawed.  Do Not buy this product.  I just signed up to get Xfinities Modem/Router combination - I move that I hate because I love having control myself.  I feel Netgear took my $300 plus dollars and gave me a very defective turd.  After providing technical data of their flawed firmware, Netgear has not replied.  Their silence being confirmation they know they have issues with this product.

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX80 Firmware for Advanced Features Systemically Flawed

This is probably the most disappointed I have ever been in a product.  I can expect a crash of this router (running the latest version of firmware) at least once a day and usually at the worst time.  It is particularly irritating as both my wife and I are in a WFH situation and depend on availability of our WiFi.  The firmware is absolutely flawed and I have waited...and waited.. for Netgear to fix these issues, but sadly I have given up.


I originally started having issues with the SmartConnect feature and eventually had to turn it off completely to fix other issues, but the router crashing has pushed me over the edge.  I've decided to go with a mesh WiFi system that should be delivered next week.  


It doesn't appear as though Netgear is listening to their user base that keep reporting these issues over and over and over again.  Netgear should give every RAX80 owner a complete refund, take these units back and just start over.



Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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