RAX80 intermittent disconnect of LAN

Hi all,

I am a RAX80 user since Jan 2020, kept encounter intermittent LAN disconnection under different version of firmware.  The retailer replaced the device a few months ago but issue still persist.  No such issue when I use my old R7000.  Anyone encountered the same issue?  Any solution?  Kindly aware I tried different version of firmware, and replace a brand new one by the retailer.  Thanks.

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX80 intermittent disconnect of LAN

I also use RAX80 (AX6000).  I was able to use at the patio throughout summer but this past month, I still have good signal but the wifi signal will drop or disconnect occasionally before coming back again.  Is this the same thing that you have?  I'd love to know if you find a solution.  Thanks.

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Re: RAX80 intermittent disconnect of LAN

I am not sure if the Wi-Fi also affected.  It is hard to tell if it reconnect within a few seconds.

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Re: RAX80 intermittent disconnect of LAN

Search the other RAX80 threads in the forum.
LAN disconnect is a common problem, I have it on mine.

There are also many issues with Wi-Fi connection, Smart Connect & overall throughput.

No support or feedback from Netgear.
Only solution is you return it and buy something else.
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