RAX80 port aggregation help

I have 2 separate gigabit connections into my house from Comcast. They go into 2 different modems (Netgear CM1150V and the xFinity XB7-T modem/gateway), and I'm trying to get link aggregation on my RAX80.


When I set up the 2 spots I can see for link aggregation (Advanced -> Setup -> Internet Setup & Advanced -> Advanced Setup -> Ethernet Port Aggregation).


What ends up happening is that the management access to the RAX80 goes away, and all connected items on its SSID connect to the XB7-T gateway's subnet. I can still connect to the RAX80 wifi, but hard wired speedtests still show 1Gbps.


0) is ethernet aggregation even possible across 2 modems?

1) do the router/gateway need to be configured for the same subnet?

2) are there other steps im missing?





Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX80 port aggregation help

WAN port aggregation isn't the same as a load balancing router. 

You can't wan port aggregate with 2 different modems into the RAX80. 

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Re: RAX80 port aggregation help

Do you think that if i set the modems to 2 subnets it would help at all?


It sounds like the load balancing needs to happen in the modem, is that a fair assumption?


Unfortunately my ISP says they can send 2 unique "accounts" to my house each on 1Gbps (same single coax cable split), but they can't send a single 2Gbps to my CM1150V (capable of 10Gbps) modem...


The modem itself (the CM1150V) can link aggregate, so I assume it does the load balancing internal to itself.


Any recommendations for load-balancing routers (or at this point a switch, as everything is hard-wired)?




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Re: RAX80 port aggregation help

In my experience, even a load balancing router wouldn't hit >1gig because it balances the load, it doesn't combine them into a 2gig service. But it would let 2 seperate devices connected to it both hit 1 gig speeds at the same time. 

If you were looking at a business grade router that would handle that, I'd check into the business class forum for better advice. 

CM2000-> Arris AX11000 W31-> GS716v2-> WAX***-AP
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