RAX80 wired connections not seeing valid IP configuration


RAX80 wired connections not seeing valid IP configuration

This morning, my wired internet connections stopped working in the house.  The entire house is wired.  All the PCs could divert to connect to the Nighthawk AX8 RAX80 wirelessly and work fine (which tells me the router is getting working internet access through the wired connection to the cable modem that it can parse out wirelessly).  Coming into the house, first connection is to the Xfinity Cable modem which is wired to the RAX80 which has the 4 ports.  3 of the ports go directly to certain devices.  The other port goes to a 24 port switch which hubs out to the house.  Machines connect to either the direct ports or the ports into the switch cannot see the internet.  Because of this, I know the problem is not the switch.  I disconnected a few individual devices and went directly into the cable modem and they configure and work fine.  Of course my modem just went off warranty 1 month ago and I'm not about to pay $100 for the GearHead plan just to call technical service.  I am on the latest firmware (V1.0.3.102_1.0.48).  I even downgraded and then reupgraded the firmware with no luck.  The LED lights above the LAN ports work fine.  I tried renewing the lease on the IP and that didn't do anything for me.


I have not done a factory reset of the RAX80, but that's the next plan unless someone has a better idea.  Beyond that, I'm out of gas and not even sure how to complain to NetGear given how tightly they protect the Contact Us area if you aren't inside the service window.




Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX80 wired connections not seeing valid IP configuration

Hello Eli, 


Curious to hear, have you had a chance to perform a factory reset? 



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Re: RAX80 wired connections not seeing valid IP configuration

I have performed multiple factory resets.  Didn't help.  Factory resets don't seem to roll back the firmware version.  I even manually did that without it solving the problem.  Oh well.  At this point I gave up and just have the switch going straight to my Xfinity router and I am only using the one year old $400 NetGear NightHawk as my wireless router.  I'm guessing this could get fixed in the next firmware upgrade whenever that happens so I'll test it again after that.  But NetGear and I are unlikely to be best friends after the horrendous service I got fro them on the phone. I love how the device has a one year warranty but after 90 days they won't even talk to you if you won't pay for a technical service plan.

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