RAXE500 - Missing Circle support / comprehensive parental controls


RAXE500 - Missing Circle support / comprehensive parental controls

From what I've found online, both the RAX200 and RAXE500 routers sport the Broadcom BCM4908 processor, and my understanding is, is that the only really major difference between the RAX200 and the RAXE500 is the third 5ghz radio on the RAX200 being swapped out with the new 6ghz radio in the RAXE500. 


The RAX200 has support for Circle Smart Parental Controls, and I've had a previous online chat with the Netgear support team who have told me that this feature was coming to the RAXE500, but they gave no firm timeline and committment as to when.


I'm curious if the product team at Netgear understands that this is a MAJOR feature lacking from the RAXE500 unit. Those of us that are happy to pay for the latest and greatest capabilities expect that we'll not be losing features and functionality when we upgrade, and this is a **HUGE** downgrade on the parental controls.


Outside of this specific issue with the parental controls being virtually non-existent . . I absolutley **love** the performance of the RAXE500, but without a further committment from Netgear as to when this capability is going to be a reality in the RAXE500, I'll be returning my RAXE500 and buying another RAX200 and using it until there is a lot more support for the 6ghz band out there and this feature is a reality in the RAXE500.


Respectfully, I would love for the Netgear team to chime in with an explanation and help us understand what the roadmap and timing for the RAXE500 is to get software feature parity with the RAXE200 and get Circle Smart Parental Controls support to make this truly the best router out there on the market. 

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Re: RAXE500 - Missing Circle support / comprehensive parental controls

Your not going to see someone from netgear "commit" to a timeline. To many things impact rollouts of added features. 

And it might not seem like much of a change but the underlying drivers from even broadcom are changing regularly on the RAXE500. 

The RAX200 is coming up on its 2 year anniversary of release versus the RAXE has only been out a couple months. Usually netgear gets a device stable and running well before adding complexity to it. 


Maybe @Altsai has more details and the time to chime in. 

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Re: RAXE500 - Missing Circle support / comprehensive parental controls

Understandably . . maybe "commit" is too strong a word. They've said it's coming, maybe they could give us a year and quarter it'd be released in? 


I've done some embedded work myself and understand some of the issues working within a vendor ecosystem like Broadcom or Cavium (now Marvell). Maybe I can't see the bigger picture in this particular case, but your argument (to me) is somewhat analogous to not being able to use something like iptables . . because of a network driver tweak . . which makes no sense to me, respectfully. 


The RAX200 and RAXE500 units both are essentially using the same guts (sans the 6ghz radio) . . so your comment about the release dates of the units really doesn't make any sense to me either. You have a solid platform and software stack developed and evolved in the RAX200 that I'm sure the Netgear team used as a springboard for the RAXE500.


If there was some instability that introducing the 6ghz drivers produced, I just can't see why you'd pair back functionality like Circle, but that could certainly be my lack of understand on how that specific feature works and the hooks it uses (e.g. how low level does it get).


Things could have also been rushed to be able to still show the RAXE500 off at CES and other venues too.


I'm not asking really for all the details from Netgear, but just saying we'll give you this feature when we get to it, isn't a good answer at all in my humble opinion.


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Re: RAXE500 - Missing Circle support / comprehensive parental controls

There isn't always a field to hook up with. I would either need to surrender the use of the XR500 as a router and use the XB6 cable modem as the router rather to read this post. The connectivity is all WiFi primarily based.

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