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Unable to connect to 2.4ghz wifi

After updating to RAX firmware ver I was unable to connect 2 devices to the 2.4 wifi network. I only have 5 devices connected to the 2.4 network. 2 printers and 3 secuity cameras. I also tried an I phone and an android phone and they also would not connect. The only devices that connected were the printers. The message that I received was that the password was incorrect, but it was not. I did not have any issues with the 5Ghz.network. I was updating from firmware ver.1.02.76_1.0.35. After trying mulitple times trying to connect the devices to the network I just went back to ver 1.02.76_1.0.35 and was able to connect the cameras. Also I can connect the phones to the 2.4 wifi network with out issues on the older firmware. Has anyone run into this issue and is there a fix for this. I would like be able to update to the most current firmware.



Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Unable to connect to 2.4ghz wifi

Hello hwyman11, 


May you perform a factory reset on the router and run through the setup assistant again. 


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