Where Does Netgear Armor Get the Names it Gives Devices?


Where Does Netgear Armor Get the Names it Gives Devices?



I have a Netgear Nighthawk R7850 that I bought a few months ago when I moved into my current location. Curious about the constant popups about "activating Netgear Armor" that it generates whenever you sign it to the device, I set up an Armor account and installed the Nighthawk/Armor app onto my phone.


Since I'm a computer tech who works out of my house, I am constantly connecting/disconnecting client computers to my network, including the refurbs that I keep and wipe and reload for sale.


Whenever I connect such a system, my Nighthawk phone app announces that fact, and provides information regarding that system, such as: "New Device Connected to Your Network: Armor detected a new device, Tamara's Liteon computer. View details. MAC: 70:F1:A1:A6:F7Smiley Very Happy7."


Except that, in the case above, this was a system that I had zeroed completely (to both test the HDD and to wipe it clean), and reloaded with Win10 Home from scratch. I had set it to the side a few months ago for some reason or another, and just recently re-attached it to my network for updating purposes.


But its computer name is "Owner-PC," its user account is "Owner," and a search of the entire system's Registry does not turn up "Tamara" anywhere.


WHERE is the Nighthawk R7850/Nighthawk phone app acquiring this information????? My curiosity is consuming me ... LOL




Brad Harrington

Liberty Computer Service

Cheyenne, Wyoming





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