Xfinity warns that I have already consumed monthly data of 1024 GB

I have been using Xfinity internet for long time. Recently in the month of December I replaced my old router with new RAX80 but all connected devices remained the same. I got a warning message from Xfinity on Dec 25th that I have consumed allowed data of 1024GB and so on...

I was shocked to get that message as I had not changed any of the connected devices on my network and other streaming pattern was all the same. I thoroughly investigated and also tool help of a Netgear community member to find out the root cause. I finally found that I had two Google Nest Cams installed and they started pumping huge data to their cloud servers. That was not happening earlier on my old router as channels were getting overloaded. New RAX80 router is an excellent router and it managed to allow all data export to clouds resulting into reaching the cap limit.

I am able to resolve the issue by controlling the cam resolution and “ON” duration.

Hope this helps all those who face the similar situations.
Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Xfinity warns that I have already consumed monthly data of 1024 GB

One can use the Traffic Meter to check daily consumption and slowly open the cams.
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