rax80 New router?

How does the RAX80 router still not work guys??? So you sent me a new router and I still cant get more than 100 mbps on 2.4 ghz channel and around 300 mbps on 5g channel???

I spent $200 on a router that limits my giga internet to 10% and 30% of what I pay for??? and it drops intermittently... i dont understand.

There are so many complaints on here about this router and people are going to other routers and you sent me a NEW one in hopes it would fix the issue!   I'm ashamed to tell people I have Netgear because that just shows that it should be called Crapgear! WTF.

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: rax80 New router?

a couple things.

1. 100mbps over 2.4ghz is pretty great in most instances. 2.4ghz is sensitive to interference. If you're in an area with multiple wifi's broadcasting, that could be the issue right there. I'm on an RAX200 and it struggles to peak at 80mbps because of the congestion in my area. 

2. you didn't put any details. How do we know its a problem of the router and not your settings when you give us limited details? Especially when you say the first router had this issue and so does the 2nd.

3. Many features can lower your speeds. Anything that has to inspect traffic lowers your speeds. This includes things like parental controls, traffic monitoring, qos, etc.  If you have any of those things turned on, disable them and reboot your router. 

4. What modem are you using? 

5. Firmware on your router?

6. You put what your 2.4ghz and 5ghz speeds are. many times those are dependant on the device testing with. What is your hardwired speeds? And what device and website are you testing them with? 


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