setup of nighthawk ac1900 behind Att uverse router

My router provided  by ATT has too many devices attached so I bought the Nighthawk since users said is can go behind the primary ATT router.


I cannot connect to the new router. There are no directions with the router so I'm stuck.



Model: C7100V-1AZNAS|Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: setup of nighthawk ac1900 behind Att uverse router

A couple things.

1. you put nighthawk router but your signature lists the C7100v which is cable modem/router.

2. You put that you have att with a att router. running 2 routers on a network puts you in a double nat. You can get around this by placing the att in pass through/modem only or a regular router in AP (access point mode). But that option isn't availble if you have the C7100V.

So what actual router did you buy?

You can go to   type in your actual model number and it has install videos, install instructions, manuals, and firmware. 

CM2000-> Arris AX11000 W31-> GS716v2-> WAX***-AP
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