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where is my model?

I just bought a Netgear Nighthawk  AX6000 (Model # RAX80) but can't find it on the dropdown lists in this community forum. Please advise?

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Re: where is my model?

What advice do you need?


There is support for the RAX80, including a manual, at the end of this link:


>>> RAX80 | Product | Support | NETGEAR<<<




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Re: where is my model?

FYI... This page at this link does not allow me to view it while logged into my support account. I go to the page, I'm niot logged in, I log in and go back the page, I am still not logged in


Anyway, here is my problem:


I recently purcased and installed AX8 in my home and had a very odd thing happen. When setting it up, I used the same SSID and password as the device being replaced. All of the wifi devices in our home connected to the AX8 execept my HP ENVY Laptop (purchased new in 2017). After qutie a bit of trial and error, I found that with the AX mode turned on, the PC did not recognize the SSID broadcast, With AX mode turned off, the router would show up as a wifi option. The laptop is running the latest version of Windows 10.


None of the other devices showed this behavior including Echo's, other Laptops, PS4, Mobiles, secuirity cameras, and IPADs. They all reconnected with AX turned on or off.


Any thoughts on how do fix this? I'd liek to benefit from the AX8's WiFi 6 AX mode.

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Re: where is my model?

Since you made the new router the same settings as the old one did you ever go into the laptops wireless settings and forget the network then try to connect again?



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Re: where is my model?

At first, AX mode was turned on (by default), so the SSID didnt show up on that laptop and therefore, nothing to forget. When AX mode was turned off, the SSID showed up on the laptop. I did forget it and reconnected and logged in. Then when I turned AX back on, WIFI was lost and the SSID did not show up. I'm sure as more AX8's are sold, those users will have the same problems.

This isn't a user issue, it's a device issue. If this isn't the correct place to open a support ticket so Netgear can fix, please point me to the right place.

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