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Access Control not saving settings


Access Control not saving settings

Three issues:

1) I have the appliance set up in AP mode with guest network disabled.  In Security -> Access Control, I have a few devices defined for allowed access.  when changing "Allow all new devices to connect" to "Block all new devices from connecting", clicking on Apply, after the screen refreshes, the unit defaults back to Allow all new devices to connect.


2) In Security -> Access Control, after changing a device from Blocked to Allowed and clicking on Apply, after the device refreshes the device defaults back to Blocked.  This device can however, connect to the Internet.


3) I have the radio set to turn off during specific times.  During the "off" time, the indicator lights are off however, I'm still able to connect to the appliance via wireless and there is still Internet access.


All three scenarios, I have rebooted and power cycled the device with the same results.  The device indicates that it is on the latest firmware V1.0.3.62_1.0.1.

Model: RAX40|Nighthawk AX4 4-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Access Control not saving settings

> [...] The device indicates that it is on the latest firmware
> V1.0.3.62_1.0.1


   Trust no one, I always say.


   To see another opinion of what's current/available:


   Visit http://netgear.com/support , put in your model number, and look
for Downloads.  (For older versions, under Firmware and Software
Downloads, look for "View Previous Versions".)  Find the kit(s).
Download the kit(s) you want.  Read the "Release Notes" file for
instructions.  (In the User Manual, look for "firmware", and,
especially, for a topic like "Manually Upload Firmware to the Router".)
When that fails because of a deficient User Manual, try:



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