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Add WPS only equipment on my existing network


Add WPS only equipment on my existing network


My network is based on a NETGEAR wnr2000v4 configured manually.

I bought a new equipement, "a connected Oven" which can be connected in Wifi on the network.

The only solution to add it is to use WPS connection, no way to add it normally.

Question : What will happen if I activate the WPS function in the router setup ? Is there a risk to loose the other equipements ? I fear that this action erase all my existing config and change the network name. According to the on line help, it works only with WPS devices and my other devices already connected are not all WPS compliant.

Any advice on how to do it safely (or avoid it) is welcome.

Many thanks in advance for your help


Model: WNR2000v4|N300 Wireless Router|EOL
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Re: Add WPS only equipment on my existing network

Enabling WPS on your router won't affect any of your devices that are already configured.  It will only affect the device that you are connecting via WPS.  

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