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Re: Anybody try the new R7000 Firmware Version


Anybody try the new R7000 Firmware Version

Hi guys, have you tried the last firmware with the R7000?

How does it work? Now I'm using .42, is it safe to upgrade or there are the same old issues?


Thanks for your help!

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Anybody try the new R7000 Firmware Version

I don't have one but I've seen failry positive results on the forums. 

I would make a backup of your current configuration (in case it doesn't work well for you) and try the update. 

Not out anything to try if you've got a backup you can restore. 

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Re: Anybody try the new R7000 Firmware Version

Like you, I have had issues with anything above .42 for the router.  I have been using the latest version for a few weeks now and I will say that I have had mixed results.  It has been more stable than anything above .42 for sure, however, I do get the occassional loss of internet or DNS server or certain devices lose connection, while others still work, which then takes me unplugging the router or using Genie to run through its series of fixes. 


I personally think that they are still having some memory leakage with the firmware and that is what is causing the issues or the router can't seem to handle reaching its theoretical device limit. 


The firmware is better than my previous experiences with the other firmwares after .42.  Those caused my router to lose the network and reboot alot.  This firmware isn't randomly rebooting, but still has some issues, but it is closer than anything I have seen since .42.  You would have to try yourself though to see if it works for you as it seems that Netgear's firmware can work for some and not others.


I am not sure if I am going to keep this firmware yet or not...with the issues being occasional, I may hang on with this until the next firmware update, if there is going to be one.


I am getting to the point though where I may move on from Netgear and get something else by next year as their inability to get proper firmware for the router is frustrating.  

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Re: Anybody try the new R7000 Firmware Version

Thank you for your answer. Next week I'm going to activate my first FTTH service so before updating the router I want to try for some time with the current firmware just to be sure that if I have some problem it isn't related to my router firmware.
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