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Re: Attaching Router to Gateway


Attaching Router to Gateway

I have been using a 5G Mobile Broadband gateway (modem + wifi router) for the past several months but was having some issues with the gateway allowing some devices to connect.


So just today I turned off the wifi on the gateway and attached my Nighthawk wifi router instead.  So far everything is working great - all devices are connecting.


My questions is --- should I activate the IP PASSTHROUGH mode available on the gateway?  I am seeing in the Nighthawk Logs repeated DOS attacks being recorded with the IP address of the gateway - I am presuming these are not really attacks.


Anyway just looking for advice on how to optimize my set up.


Thank you!

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Re: Attaching Router to Gateway

that'll fix the double nat. 

But if its working as it should and giving good speeds, why fix what isn't broken. 

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Re: Attaching Router to Gateway

Good point about don't fix what isn't broken! Thank you.
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