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Connect to local IPv6 from external network.


Connect to local IPv6 from external network.

I enabled IPv6 on my R7000 router and I was able to connect to a local web server running on port 5000 using the IPv6 address of my local machine. This worked for all machines on my LAN.


However I am unable to connect to this web server from an external network using IPv6. In the past when I used IPv4, the way I would do this is through port forwarding so I would map my external IPv4 and port to a LAN IP and port. 


How do I connect to a LAN IP using IPv6 from an external network? It looks like the port forwardin on my router does not support IPv6 address formats. I have attached what my IPv6 settings in the router look like, minus the WAN address.

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Connect to local IPv6 from external network.

IPv6 on these routers is not routed. You don't get a local LAN address but a public one. There is no NAT going on. Do you have a firewall that blocks the port?

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Re: Connect to local IPv6 from external network.

I have not been able to identify any firewalls on the router, at least I think so. I have not configured any so I would assume not. Also I don't know where to check.


As far as possible firewalls on my local machine, my ip6table chain input is as so
Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT) target prot opt source destination

So it should be accepting everything that is incoming I assume.

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