Corrupt writes to Readyshare


Corrupt writes to Readyshare

I recently added a 1tb USB flash drive to my Nighthawk router to use it as a DLNA server. At first it wouldnt work at all but after searching this community I discovered the router doesnt support exFAT filesystems so I reformatted it as the only other option offered by WIndows 10 - NTFS. Now it recognizes the drives but many of the files I copy to it are corrupt and need to be re-copied. If I plug the same flash drive directly into my PC the copies work fine. How do I fix this? I dony really want to us FAT32 because of the 4g file size limit. I can see myself putting 4k videos on the drive that exceed that.


I should note that I did a quick format of the drive. I thought with changing filesystems I'd need to do a full format and started that, but after 12 hours it was only 10% complete so I cancelled it and did a quick format. That completed in about 30 seconds.

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