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Customer Complaint


Customer Complaint

I am really disappointed and frustrated with the support for my router.  It worked great for the first few months then started dropping the internet connection. My devices would show they were connected to the router but have no internet connection. I'd reboot/power cycle my router once a week and then twice a week and now every 3 days.  I checked the app to make sure my firmware was up to date.  I even called my internet provider (Google Webpass) and they were nice to send a tech (free!) to see if the issue was with them but their tests showed everything was okay.  They suggested I call Netgear the next time my internet connection dropped which happened to be today, 3 days later.  I was quickly told by Netgear that since this was past their 90 days free support, the only way they could check my router was for me to pay for the service.  I reluctantly paid so that I could get connected with their tech support only to be told my firmware was old: V1.0.9.88.  I told the rep I checked the app with the Google Webpass tech and even right before my call to make sure that my router firmware was up to date.  The Netgear/Gearhead Rep didn't have an answer as to why their app didn't tell me of an update only that sometimes there's a delay with the app.  The current version is's some delay.  I don't even know if this will resolve the issue but if it was a matter of just updating the firmware I will be incredibly upset.  This is such a rip off that Netgear's app is terrible and didn't show there was firmware update to download on my own and made it so that I HAD TO PAY to be told to upgrade the firmware. The rep had to show me how to push an update to the router by logging on at routerlogin.net and fiddling with the settings since their app doesn't work.  Really truly disappointed in Netgear's practice of deceit in having to pay for firmware updates.

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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