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DGN2200v4 Accessing list of attached devices


DGN2200v4 Accessing list of attached devices

I have a DGN2200v4 router attached to a pc with Windows 7. I was trying to attach a new HP printer to the wifi, but I seem to have upset the router. I had deleted the old printer from the router, then later tried to add the new printer. Both the old and the new were on (or to be on) the wifi, but in trying to open routerlogin and add the new printer, I am having problems with not being able to get a response before it times out (most times) or can get the Basic Home view with the six icons but usually cannot get from there to the list of attached devices. On the rare few times I have got to the list of attached devices, I have only once been able to enter Access Control so that I could 'allow' the only blocked device. Even then I don't know whether the blocked device is the new printer or my wife's laptop.

The first time I tried to log onto routerlogin, I used routerlogin.net, and that produced a strange window, so I logged out and tried routerlogin.com. Usually the logouts also seem to timeout, though sometimes I get the Thankyou message.

Any suggestions what I should do, or is there a problem beyond my home, such as at my ISP or at Netgear?

Thankyou for any help

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Re: DGN2200v4 Accessing list of attached devices

Please visit and post about this over in the DSL modem forum:



Thank you. 

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Re: DGN2200v4 Accessing list of attached devices

I have been asked (no names, no pack drill) to move this topic to a different part of the community, which I have done(?) by copying my original message and pasting it in the location suggested by the person that requested the move. However, I don't know how to delete the message from this location, so if anyone who can do so, does so, I will be quite happy, and I hope the other person will be happy too (note that I am NOT complaining, I'm happy to comply).

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