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Re: Internet Lag with videogames


Internet Lag with videogames

I have very fast wifi of about 900 mbps. But when i load up a video game I begin to lag and my mbps drops to around 100. It did not always do this. i thought i was being throttled so i got a vpn and nothing happend. I want to know why is drops so low and how to fix it

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Re: Internet Lag with videogames

1. what router do you have? 

2. what firmware is on it? 

3. what modem/gateway is it connected to? 

4. what upload/download speeds do you pay for? upload tends to be a fraction of what download speeds are and if you're uploading, that could be the issue

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Re: Internet Lag with videogames

@cota447 wrote:

I have very fast wifi of about 900 mbps.

I doubt it. Just because something says 900 Mpbs on the label does not mean that everything will work on wifi at that speed.


If you really do mean wifi, then very few wifi clients will deliver 900 MBbps. A 2.4 GHz wifi signal will find it almost impossibe to go that fast. 100 Mpbs is pretty good for some clients on 2.4GHz.


It might be worth a bit of background reading.


Understand Wi-Fi 4/5/6 (802.11 n/ac/ad/ax)


@duckware knows their stuff and can bust a few myths and cut through marketing hype.


How fast is your Internet service?


If you want fast access, then a wired connection is the best option.



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