Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Logs incomplete


Logs incomplete

Model: R6700v2

It seems each individual log entry is cut off, resulting in an incomplete set of data.

Example of incomplete data line:

“[Access Control] Device IMAC with MAC address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is allowed to access t Saturday, March 18,2023 22:05:12”

Focus of the above example being,
“is allowed to access t”

All of the other logs also appear to be truncated around the same place. More examples of where it cuts off:
“is allowed to acc”
“is allowed to”
“is allowed to access”

My complete guess is that if the log wasn’t cut, it would give a web address. Is that correct? What other data is missing if any? Is there any way for me to see web address visits with my current hardware?
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Re: Logs incomplete

The access control is limited to allow (or deny) the access from a device (by the MAC address). As most web traffic is encrypted (https), it can't show a web site URL anyway.

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Re: Logs incomplete

In your router configuration, you can go to Advanced -> Security -> Email and set up to allow you router to send you an e-mail.   Then in the Advanced -> Administration -> Logs section you have the option to Send Log to yourself via e-mail.  The information and lines may be more complete than what you are seeing on the screen.


Another option is to select all of the text in the log window, copy it to the clipboard, and then paste it into a blank page in a word processing program.

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Re: Logs incomplete

If you wanna set up email logging, you can follow this:


Though directed at Orbi, same works for NH routers too. 

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Re: Logs incomplete

Thanks for the suggestion, I had this same thought. Unfortunately, the emailed log is sent more or less as plaintext and does not show any additional information. Everything is truncated same as before.
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