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Looking Into Buying a New Router


Looking Into Buying a New Router

I have a problem with my 5g wifi going out every day and I can't seem to fix it even with the help of people from the community. So I'm looking for a new router to buy in the 100$-200$ range that has good reliability and wont go out at all.


Please feel free to reply if you have any recommendations!

(also not sure if it is a problem with the modem or provider. My provider is Spectrum and im using their own router that they gave me called the hitron docsis pc20.)

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Re: Looking Into Buying a New Router

I've found some good used/referbed routers on Amazon for cheap that work well. 

R8000, MK63 MESH. XR1000. All under $200

Might look at a RAX50 series for newer generation class router. 

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