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My response to security questions are rejected


My response to security questions are rejected

Just changed Verizon router. Need to update extender. Somehow extender has wrong answers to security Q’s. I know where I was born and know brother’s name.
Model: WN3000RPv3|N300 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: My response to security questions are rejected

The security questions work well if they're setup. If you didn't initially setup the questions, it still asks them but there isn't a correct answer. 


But you can always factory reset the extender and start fresh. Push and hold reset for 7-15 seconds while its powered on. Then follow the install guide. 



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Re: My response to security questions are rejected

In additi0on to what @plemans said,there is a bug in Netgear's implementation of password recovery on some devices. You can get locked into a closed loop.

If password recovery is enabled, but you have not set the answers to the questions, it keeps sending you back to the beginning of the process. If you haven't already given the thing your personal answers, they are not in its memory and it has no way of knowing if they are correct.

If the standard factory password (password) does not work, then you will have to factory reset the thing to get back to that. Then either disable password recovery (check the manual for your device) or provide some answers to those questions.


How do I perform a factory reset on my NETGEAR router? | Answer | NETGEAR Support


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