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Netgear Router R6260 WFH issues


Netgear Router R6260 WFH issues

My work is using a wifi applciation called Level 365 so that I can get work calls wherever we are.  I am WFH.  The calls through the app are very poor quality.  Level 365 tech support says that I am getting lost packet loss and high latency.  Said to contact Cable provider.  Cable says that I am getting a good signal - told me to contact modem manufacturer because I need to open a port on the modem for VPN.  Modem company told me that my modem is a true moden and the VPN is a pass through - contact router company.  I bought my nighthawk router on 1/11/20 and have no free support anymore.  So my question is -how do I open a port for VPN to get the calls through the wifi to be better quality?  I have used teh applciation on cellular data nd it works much better.

Model: R6260|AC1600 Smart WiFi Router Dual Band Gigabit
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Re: Netgear Router R6260 WFH issues

Visit the support pages:

Support | NETGEAR

Feed in your model number and check the documentation for your hardware.

You may have to ask people higher up the chain to advise you on the ports you need to play with. Telling people which VPN you have might also help.


Be warned that the R6260 isn't exactly top of the range when it comes to routers.




Just another user with a set of boilerplate macros.

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