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New Installation - compatibility and recommendations


New Installation - compatibility and recommendations

My XR8 router just died after 2+ years of service. I will be installing one of 3 systems. Two are NetGear, and the third the GoogleEros. As this is a NetGear community, I won’t ask for feedback on that one but feel free to weigh in if you have experience with it…
Deciding between:
1. Orbi RBR10, with single satellite- 2channel I believe 1.2GB push through.
2. Nighthawk Mesh System 6 AX 1800 with 2 satellites.
My current setup was…
Using a small ISP in rural Ontario Canada, 25MB/4
Arris TM822A Modem
Combo of downstream extenders to reach an out building all from NG:
X6AC2200 extender feeds
Powerline 1200PLPS ->
Powerline 1200PLPS ->
X4AC2200 -> Garage LAN
Seems like overkill, but only way I could get signal to the Powerline and link to Garage due to separate breaker panels.

As you can see, I have been using Powerline and extenders to get coverage.
House is 3300-3500sqft
Garage 250’ away
Sitting area by water 75’ away opposite of garage.
I am hoping one or both of these systems can cover my area alone, but if I need to incorporate any of my extenders, will they be compatible, which system will they integrate with more easily?
Which system is easier to troubleshoot/is more reliable. Home is generally occupied by 2 computer limited seniors. When there are issues, this computer limited 40yr old comes and tries to play tech support.
Any input and feedback is appreciated.
Thanks in advance !
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Re: New Installation - compatibility and recommendations

I would say that I'm a fan of the triband setups versus the dual band. They're a bit more expensive but they preserve the bandwidth better than the dual band systems. 

so I'd look at the RBK43 system if it was me. (they're cheap renewed on amazon) or the MK83 system for the mk nighthawk. 


the 250ft is to far for wireless to work so you still might need to utilize some of your powerline devices to reach that far. 


And both systems can have the extenders connected. They wont "integrate" into the mesh but you can connect them and use them. 

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