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Re: Nighthawk R8000P Speeds above 1 GHz


Nighthawk R8000P Speeds above 1 GHz

I just upgraded my speed with Comcast to the 1 GHz tier. According to Comcast it's actually 1.2 plus with over provisioning. 

I have a new modem coming that will handle that speed, but what about the router?

I have looked online and found a Netgear router that does have a 2.5 GHz wan port, but all the lan ports are 1 GHz.

Is there a wireless router on the market for what I am looking for or is 1 GHz the limit now? 





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Re: Nighthawk R8000P Speeds above 1 GHz

the problem is that most singular devices aren't going to use >1gig. 

I've got a CAX80 and a RAX200. Becaue the CAX80 can use its 2.5g as an ouput, its easier connect a 2.5gig switch to it. 

there's a few routers that have 2.5/5/10g ports as well as the ability to lan port aggregation. 

So it is possible to hit >1gig speeds but again, most devices won't use it. 


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Re: Nighthawk R8000P Speeds above 1 GHz

Thanks for that reply, very much appreciated.

I was wondering about that when I was looking for a new modem and a router that would handle it.

The only reason I have the 1 GHz service was because my contract was up and when renewing it that package that included the 1 GHz was the cheapest. 

Have a new MB8611 modem coming this week so will leave it at that. 


Thanks again and have a good safe evening. 


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