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Nighthawk X4 AC3200 cannot connect to 5G


Nighthawk X4 AC3200 cannot connect to 5G

The only band that works for me is 2G. 5G shows with a strong signal but constantly says incorrect password or unavailable. I’ve confirmed the password is correct, tried scanning QR code from the app, renamed SSIDs, changed passwords, changed channels, reset the router to factory, none of the above works. 


Any ideas on next steps? Beyond frustrated. My 2G connections frequently drop (at least once a day). 


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Re: Nighthawk X4 AC3200 cannot connect to 5G

What wireless device are you using? 

Be sure to forget the SSID profile on the mobile device your trying to connect to it.


Besure your using WPA2 and AES only on the router. 

Try a simple password like> Password123 <to see if this works. Let us know if this works.

Avoid using any special characters for now. 


Be sure to disable any MAC Address randomizers on phones and pads while at home:


Has a factory reset and setup from scratch been performed since last FW update? A complete pull of the power adapters for a period of time after the factory reset then walk thru the setup wizard and setup from scratch with a wired PC and web browser. https://kb.netgear.com/22697/How-do-I-install-my-NETGEAR-router-using-the-router-web-interface
Recommend setting the default DHCP IP address pool range to the following after applying and a factory reset: 192.168.#.100 to 192.168.#.200.

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Re: Nighthawk X4 AC3200 cannot connect to 5G

What Netgear device do you own?


 X4 AC3200 isn't a useful indicator.


AC3200 is not a reliable guide to model number. Many devices come with an AC tag, but it is essentially a label that Netgear, and other brands, attach to hardware to describe wifi speeds.


Look at the label on the device for the model number.



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