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Nighthawk r6700 intermittently dropping Wifi


Nighthawk r6700 intermittently dropping Wifi

So I moved and kept my router which is a netgear nighthawk r6700, I got a new modem which is now a netgear CM1000.

I had zero problems with the router at my old place for 4 years. I don't remember what modem we used but it was new-ish at the time.

This January I moved, and ever since (with the new modem but old router) I have had regular issues with the Wifi dropping out. In fact, as I was typing this I just realized that my laptop doesn't have internet. It seems to happen a few times a day (not at a consistent time), and usually happens every day.

Some important notes:

  • When it happens, it seems I either stay connected to the network and lose internet, or am disconnected from the network completely.
  • If I'm not connected to one of the wireless networks when it drops, I usually cannot connect to the network at all (until it's back up). However, the behavior seems a bit inconsistent.
  • It seems to happen on both the 5G and 2.4G networks independently, but sometimes at the same time.
  • When the Wifi is down, the cable signal light on my modem seems totally fine.
  • Usually a soft reset of the router (unplugging, waiting 30s, plugging back in) fixes the issue, and I almost never mess with the modem.
  • There are no firmware updates available on my router - but I'm not sure how to check if there are updates on the modem.
  • I ran a test I found on a similar post saying to find the optimal MTU size and change it to that, but the default size (1500) is what the test indicated was optimal. 

The fact that I never mess with the modem to restore the wireless network, and that the 2.4G or 5G network can seemingly go out independently of each other leads me to believe that the issue is with the router and not the modem.. Which feels hard to believe given the fact that the modem is new but the router used to work for years without issue, but here we are...


I tried a hard reset of the router as well to factory settings and setup new networks which didn't solve the issue..


So, I'm at a bit of a loss in trying to figure out what to try next. I have gigabit internet from Comcast, and am a bit hesitant to spend half a day on the phone with them for them to not be able to figure anything out.


I suppose the first thing people will tell me to do is downgrade the firmware. I will try that, but any other tips or insight is greatly appreciated.

Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Nighthawk r6700 intermittently dropping Wifi

Before downgrading the firmware, I'd actually try manually reinstalling it.Reason why is if something is corrupt in the firmware, a factory reset only removes old settings, it doesn't fix the firmware. Overwriting it can fix corrupt firmware. 

if that doesn't help, then you can try downgrading. 

What actual version are you on? 

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Re: Nighthawk r6700 intermittently dropping Wifi

Thanks I'll try that.


I'm currently on firmware V1.0.2.16_10.0.57.

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