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No-IP DDNS support 30 day expiration


No-IP DDNS support 30 day expiration

Recently no-ip decided to unilaterally change subscription types for Netgear customers to their most basic subscription model that expires after 30 days and requires monthly renewal confirmations.


Netgear please fix this and make this DDNS config permanent again. One of the reason I picked this Netgear device was because of the DDNS feature and that is now broken.

How you service this should not be my problem. If Netgear decides to work with a partner, that's all fine. But at least make sure that the terms are respected.




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Re: No-IP DDNS support 30 day expiration

You might want to post this one here:


Idea Exchange For Home - NETGEAR Communities


Good luck. This is a real pain. But it is only the beginning of the grief.


Another nail in the coffin for free parental contr... - NETGEAR Communities


Next thing you know they will kill ReadyCLOUD.




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Re: No-IP DDNS support 30 day expiration

And the response of No-IP customer support is just brilliant, see below.


So again, NETGEAR, please fix this story.




We completely understand where you are coming from. As a small business, we can't support the large number of Netgear users under the existing arrangement that No-IP had with Netgear. It was simply not possible for us to bear the entire costs of offering the service for free and without an upgrade path at such a large scale. I'm sorry you are frustrated, but to continue offering our services, we had to search for an alternative agreement with Netgear. This is the solution that Netgear decided to pursue.


Jason Puccinelli
Customer Success Manager




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Re: No-IP DDNS support 30 day expiration

Interesting reply from No-IP. Thanks for passing it on.


Part of Netgear's relentless pursuit of the "rentware" model. You don't buy hardware, you just get something that lets them sell you Circle, Armor and other fee paying "extras".



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