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Permissions and ready cloud


Permissions and ready cloud

Ok, so I know that there are folks out there who know this answer... I have a 424 which is connected to our home LAN, I can access it from my PC both locally and as admin, I have (I thought) creadted an additional user with the correct permissions, however when THEY try to logon to it using the ready cloud they recieve a message of "no registered devices".. why is this?


when I try to connect them, it will only let me log onto the NAS using admin credentials, and not local ones...


why am I trying to do this, for the moment 2 things...


1 I would like to auto backup a file location automatically from the user to which i have created an account for, I thought that this wasx the best way?

2 I'm looking to run the NAS as a CCTV server.. and, well its just a statement where I would like to go with my thoughts..this I presume I can map to a spare drive /bay which is currently not being used?

Model: RN424|ReadyNAS 424 – High-performance Business Data Storage - 4-Bay
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