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Possible new Modem and 3 routers


Possible new Modem and 3 routers

I am pretty new to this and just want guidance but want to go with Netgear. I am pretty handy. Know plumbing, electrical and all that stuff.  What I dont understand is all the stuff involved in setting up modems, routers and all that. I have run plenty of ethernet wires, electrical wires etc.. About 15 years ago I remodeled my basement. When I did, I wired most all of the house with ethernet wire "just in case"  I was not concerned with the cost of the wire because it was my labor. I have been with Xfinity since 2007. I currently have an XB3 Gateway that runs to a Netgear GS108 in a cenral location. The XB3 is in a bad location. I cannot stand dealing with the Xfinity people. It is a different story every time I call and I dont want to get into that. Currently my internet is working fine, but I threw out Xfinity TV and went all Roku and am very happy so far.  But obviously in some parts of the house the signal is weak. I have all the wires in the right place for me to reposition some things with no trouble.  So here is what I want to do and I will buy all Netgear. 

I dont mind spending a little money. I want to go to 400 MBPS.  In the house we have 12 TVs, 2 laptops, 2 I pads and 1 ring door bell. There are 3 floors. Bottom floor is 1000, Middle is 1400 and top is 1700.


1. I want to get rid of my Xfinity Gateway.  In the basement I want to put in a good Netgear Modem only. In the space Iwant to put it, there is the single cable that comes in from the street that Xfinity uses.  Conveniently there is a phone line for the phone 9 (we still have one phone line), AC power, and one Ethernet Cord that runs from that location to a central location in the center of the basement where all the Ethernet wires converge. Sort of like a Mechanical room.  This is not a good place for the first router. Also I want to go to 400MBPS.


2. I want to put a router #1 really close to a mechanical room, in the basement.  It would be fed by the new Modem I described in #1.  From that router I have all kinds of options with hardwires.  But that router #1 will be hardwired to the modem and it will provide a wireless signal for my basement. It will be in an unobstucted area. I have no space or wire limitations. This router will feed 2 more routers or access point and hardwire one computer in an office. So it will have 3 ethernets going out.  I have room in this area for a Switch if I needed to have one. And I have a brand new Netgear GS1008.  But if I do not have to use it, I won't because it was not that expensive.


3. I want to put router #2 on my middle floor in my kitchen.  It would be fed by router #1. I am able to use a hardwire from router #1. It is already in place. In the kitchen router #2 can go in a nice unobstucted place. There is an ethernet wire and power convenient. I would like some open Ethernet spots (maybe the normal 3-4) on it in case I wanted to hardwire something else.

This floor is about 1400 square feet.  I have read where router # 2 would probably be set up as a "hardwired" wireless access point. 


4. I want to put router #3 on my top floor in an office that is centrally located.  It would be fed also by router #1. Again, I am able to use hardwire #1 that is already in place. It will sit on my wifes desk.  She would hardwire her laptop directly to router #3. I have read where router # 2 would probably be set up as a "hardwired" wireless access point. 


5. Last and this is not an addition. But we have one Ring Video door bell. It was a gift. When we tried to hook it up, it would not work. We only had one band activated on our Xfinity box and it was the "5" setting.  We had to set up a 2.4 to get the Ring to work. I dont know why. 


I hate to be so longwinded.  As I said, I dont mind spending a little money.  I dont think what I am asking for is impossible. I am not looking for wireless mesh systems. I want hardwired devices going to every floor. I am not sold on some wireless things. Hardwire I know is the best if you have them. We use our computers by hardwire. We do not have cameras but we have a lot of TVs. I had a lot of kids and grandkids and family that visit. I am looking for someone on this communication that can say "hey man, get this netgear modem and these 3 routers, they will do the trick.  Can someone help me or advise me and not make wisecracks because I dont know this stuff like most of you. 















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Re: Possible new Modem and 3 routers

Use the first router in router mode and the rest in Access Point mode. If you run them all in router mode, you'll create a Triple NAT problem. Since you can pull cables, Access Point mode is the way to go

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Re: Possible new Modem and 3 routers

In terms of modems, I'd look at a docsis 3.1 modem. And you're wanting voice from the sound of it?

If so, the CM1150V is a solid modem voice option that supports up to gig speeds. there's also the CM2050V that'll support up to 2.5g speeds (if comcast ever offers it).


for router solutions. I'd look at the netgear orbi's intead of multiple routers. You can have a router plus mutliple satellites. both hardwired and wireless. this would be nicer for seamless roaming throughout the home

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Re: Possible new Modem and 3 routers

Mr. Microchip 8,

Yes I have hardwires so I can use them.  No worry there. Just a question, with 3 routers and two as access points, which routers would you reccommend from Netgear?   Also, do I need even have a switch in the sytem?

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Re: Possible new Modem and 3 routers

The only downside to using a router and access points is you won't have seamless roaming. if you already have the routers, then its worth setting up but if you haven't purchased the system yet, then I'd look at orbi or the nighthawk mesh. Both work great with wired backhauls and allow the seamless roaming. 

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Re: Possible new Modem and 3 routers

Mr. Plemans.

I am looking at the Netgear CM1150V.  I dont understand the extra 3 ethernet points.  I understand that the first port could go to say Router #1.  


Does that mean that I can use the other three ports could go to 3 separate other routers.  Or maybe feet 3 routers and hardwire a computer?  I read something about port agregation and I am lost.


I know I probably sound stupid. Remember, I am well covered with hardwires. 


I think I am sold on the CM1150V for now and future.  I don't mind paying just a little more for this one.   If this is my Modem and I can only use one ethernet cable can I:


-run the ethernet cable from the Modem to Netgear GS108 switch

-From the GS108 can I use an ethernet cable to Netgear router 1

-From the GS108 can I use an ethernet cable to Netgear router 2

-From the GS108 can I use an ethernet cable to Netgear router 3



run the ethernet cable from Modem to Router 1

run ethernet cable from Router 1 to the GS108 switch

run ethernet cable from Router to labptop  1 in docking station that stays hardwired all the time.

From GS108 run ethenet cable to Router 2 set up as a wired Access Point (AP Mode)

From GS108 run ethernet cable to Router 3 set up as wired Access Point (AP Mode)

From Router 3 run an ethernet cable to laptop 2 in docking station that stays hardwired all the time.


Mr. Plemans. I will get the CM1150V.  I am sold. I am am also sold that you are way smarter than me. I am pretty good electrician and my house is wired well and hardwired with internet that I did a long time. I ran it from a central point and it has been unused. I probably have internet wires in my walls now what most people only wish they had.  

I prefer hardwires to all my access points.  Of course my access points can send out wireless. But I want the internet goes to my access points to be hardwires.


Help me please sir. I really appreciate you helping me learn. 



























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Re: Possible new Modem and 3 routers

for the average user, they can only use port 1 (or port 1 and 2 if using port aggregation) in the cm1150v. Most isp's (comcast, cox, spectrum) only allow 1 public ip address per modem. so unless you're on a business class line or pay for extra public ip address, you can only connect 1 device to the cm1150v. The reason I recommended it to you was you saying you needed voice. Otherwise I'd have recommended a different modem. 


so you'd need to go:

Modem----->router---->devices/switch      and then whatever combination of devices you'd like.


hardwiring in access points is the best route you can choose. It tends to have the best throughput. 

good working running all the ethernet before hand! 

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Re: Possible new Modem and 3 routers

Ijust read your answer from 7:10 this morning. But I added in some things a few minutes ago that were specific to the AX1800 MK63 and my saltellites would be backhauled.  Am I ok. I am a 68 year old retired guy just learning. Please be patient with me. I am starting to understand.

Model: CM1150V|DOCSIS 3.1 Nighthawk® Multi-Gig Speed Cable Modem for XFINITY® Voice
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