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Power supply compatibility


Power supply compatibility

Hey, does anyone know if the 2.5A and 3.5A PSU's have same plug size? Couldn't find this info anywhere.

Looking to buy one together with WAX220, but stupidly the 3.5A is much cheaper atleast on Amazon:

PAV12V25 25€

PAV12V35 9€

If the plug size is same, obviously it should be fine to use the 3.5A one.

Or if someone can tell me what plug size the 2.5A has, I could look for a cheap local one.

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Re: Power supply compatibility

The amp shouldn't change the plug size as you can run more amps. 

What would make me leary is the generic/knockoff power supplies can be sketchy and not provide what they're rated to for volts/amps. it'd suck to wreck a solid AP cheaping out on a power supply. 

Its just like with computers, people build $1000 computers and then stick a $30 power supply in it that fries something. 



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