Re: Problem with NET VIEW, W10, R7000, most recent firmware (including V1.0.9.20)


Re: Problem with NET VIEW, W10, R7000, most recent firmware (including V1.0.9.20)

@EruvWeather, @TheEther, OK, I sort of backing off that this might be a Win10 problem?


Why, I checked and double checked ALL settings between my PC and my Wife's PC. Her Net View worked fine, mine always got the 1231 error. I looked at many many web pages via Google searches for Win10 and Net View not working. If there was a suggestion anywhere,, a service to change, a command to look at, a network setting to look at, etc., I looked, changed if mine was different, and compared them to my wife's PC, and if we were the same, I left mine. Remember, at some point mine worked. I used Genie on my iPad to check everything (I don't think that program was reliable though, showed less devices on the network vs. Genie in the browser on both our PC's). NOTHING would make Net View work on my PC.


So I REBOOTED the R7000...


The current time is:  7:36:34.25
Enter the new time:

C:\>net user

User accounts for \\IRV8700

Administrator            DefaultAccount           Guest
irvsp                    WDAGUtilityAccount
The command completed successfully.

C:\>net view
Server Name            Remark

\\IRV8700              Irv's 8700
\\READYSHARE           readyshare
The command completed successfully.




There has to be a COMMUNICATION problem between the R7000 and 'a' PC. Now my wife's PC is NOT on right now, but I'm turning it on.



C:\>net view
Server Name            Remark

\\IRV8700              Irv's 8700
\\LARAINE-XPS8500      Laraine's XPS8500
\\READYSHARE           readyshare
The command completed successfully.



OK, on her machine (which worked fine up until this morning) when I issue Net View returns with "The Service has not been started", More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 1284, which returns "The Service has not been started", sure is a lot of help.


Searching, I found this,, and there is a LOT of interesting stuff in there... things to look at and try but NOTHING fixes the problem. For instance the one about using TASKLIST at Tuesday, October 03, 2017 7:12 PM, I tried it on both PC's, and mine doesn't show it as "svchost.exe                   2772 Browser, LanmanServer" but like the part above, individually, and I'm working.


I really don't think this IS a W10 problem. After all, it WAS working before on ALL PC's. Something had to change, and I suspect the firmware.


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Re: Problem with NET VIEW, W10, R7000, most recent firmware (including V1.0.9.20)

Well, for what it is worth, we left the house for a few ours and left out computers on. The both 'go to sleep' shutting off the hard drive and display. Came back and I no longer have NET VIEW working. Get the 1231 error. My wife's PC is working fine...


What does that tell me, and I know her PC was used before mine, I still suspect the R7000 is causing a problem here. As I see it, with NO PC's on, the R7000 IS the MB. Once either of the PC's comes on, that PC becomes the MB. If a PC is the MB and another PC comes on, the MB is still the original PC. Once that PC goes off (or sleeps as the Network Connection does drop and comes back on when awoken) if there is a PC it becomes the MB. No PC, the R7000 becomes the MB.


The problem I suspect is that the R7000 doesn't know how to PASS the MB request to the 2nd and later PC's after another PC is the MB. This used to work fine, ALL PC's could use NET VIEW, but right now ONLY ONE will work.



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Re: Problem with NET VIEW, W10, R7000, most recent firmware (including V1.0.9.20)

@EruvWeather, @TheEther, guys, this is driving me nuts...


As it stands NOW my wife's PC continues to have NET VIEW work properly, and has since I did a clean install of her X64 W10 Pro Ver. 1709. On the other hand mine will only work IF I reboot the Router and her PC is not on. Once her's comes on, it no longer works, and will never work again until I reboot the router.


I opened the POWERSHELL on both PC's and ran "get-smbserverconfiguration" and compared results.


Interesting, on mine EnableSMB1Protocol is set to True, but on her's, it is set to False?


Checking Features installed I have SMB1 Server checked where her's has Client checked?


Odd, what do you have?


I've set mine to Client now but need to re-boot. Will update when I come back on.





GET-SMBSERVERCONFIGURATION now matches her's and it WORKS as expected!!!


C:\>net view
Server Name            Remark
\\IRV8700              Irv's 8700
\\LARAINE-XPS8500      Laraine's XPS8500
\\READYSHARE           readyshare
The command completed successfully.


I don't KNOW how my SMB1 features were set or when, or even why.


Suspect at this point a change happened during one of MS's Updates?


Searching the web I found this page, marked SOLVED.... in it:



M Boyle May 17, 2017 at 10:37 AM


Did you try just disabling smbv1 and not actually removing the windowsfeature? 

edit: by running this command in an elevated powershell prompt:

Set-SmbServerConfiguration -EnableSMB1Protocol $false


Wonder if I did that it would have fixed it as well?


@EruvWeathergive this a try... might just work!

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Re: Problem with NET VIEW, W10, R7000, most recent firmware (including V1.0.9.20)

@IrvSp... So, it does look like something realted to SMB1.0!


On my system, there are three checkboxes beneath SMB 1.0 ...

> ... Automatic Removal

> ... Client

> ... Server


NONE of the boxes are checked.


On the other Win10 system on my network, ALL the boxes were checked.


So, to clarify ... you only checked the "client" box, an no others, and that resolved the issue for you?


If so, I may try that. Although, given the security considerations, and the fact that mapping the ReadyShare drive makes it easily accessable, and everything else works, I may just leave things alone.


Regardless, this is fascinating on so many levels, and of course - it would be good if there was some real clarity from Microsoft as to how these changes are being rolled out and the impact to users.

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Re: Problem with NET VIEW, W10, R7000, most recent firmware (including V1.0.9.20)

@EruvWeather, sorry, wasn't complete in my post. Both Auto Removal and Client are now both checked on both PC's. Before my PC had Server Checked but NOT Client, and the two were reversed on my wife's PC. Turning off Server and on Client fixed my PC's problem. We went out for a few hours and when both were re-booted when we came home BOTH PC's NET VIEW works.


I have a 'theory' why the fresh clean install of W10 Pro x64 Ver. 1709 worked and the other PC didn't...


WannaCry used SMB1 and MS released its fix on May, but I know it worked well after that. So I suspect some other 'protection' I had must have changed mine.  What it was, can't tell?


However, that link you provided,, either is WRONG, or did it?


That link has a lot of statements:

  • In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and Windows Server, version 1709 (RS3), the Server Message Block version 1 (SMBv1) network protocol is no longer installed by default.
  • Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Professional no longer contain the SMBv1 server by default after a clean installation.
  • Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Professional still contain the SMBv1 client by default after a clean installation. If the SMBv1 client is not used for 15 days in total (excluding the computer being turned off), it automatically uninstalls itself.
  • In-place upgrades and Insider flights of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Professional do not automatically remove SMB1 initially. If the SMBv1 client or server is not used for 15 days in total (excluding the time during which the computer is off), they each automatically uninstall themselves. 
  • Automatic removal of SMB1 after 15 days is a one-time operation. If an administrator re-installs SMB1, no further attempts will be made to uninstall it.
  • Because the Computer Browser service relies on SMBv1, the service is uninstalled if the SMBv1 client or server is uninstalled. This means that Explorer Network can no longer display Windows computers through the legacy NetBIOS datagram browsing method.

That LAST one probably explains the problem, I guess it DOES need the Server? I don't know if Windows Explorer when NETWORK is selected uses the same code NET  VIEW does, but since neither works, I'm sure some parts or calls were.


Disecting the above comments I clipped out:

  • The first two STATE SMB V1 is NOT in R1709, yet the Clean Install on wife's PC had it?
  • The 3rd states IT IS installed but if not used will be deleted 15 days later????
  • The 4th is for Updates, and that says if you don't use SMB V1 15 days later it WILL be uninstalled...
  • The 5th one says you can re-install it and it will stay.

The first 3 are just contradictory in my mind.

However, the 4th could have been my problem? I know I installed V1709 on 10/18. 15 days will get me to Early Nov., but we were out of town until 11/12. PC was first turned on then. Quite possibly it was sometime close to that I first discovered the NEW VIEW problem?

Quite possible it just deleted/uninstalled the SERVER and left the other 2 features... ???


In any event, I've got it working and Windows Explorer as well as Explorer++ has no problems at all with the Network.

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