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R6400v2 Speed Issues


R6400v2 Speed Issues



When we first purchased this router back in Sept 2020, we did not see any improvement in wifi speeds coming from a lower end netgear router that was used before. However, we contacted support and was taken through the process of changing:


-2.4 ghz channel to 11

-5 ghz channel to 161


(Both 2.4 and 5)

Fragmentation length : 2304

CTS/RTS Threshold : 2304 


MTU size to 1492


These parameters were given after requesting for our ISP and issued modem. 


These changes drastically improved the performance of our new router and we were getting the advertised speeds over wifi and normal behavior of speed degradation as the clients got further away from the gateway. However, we are now noticing some extremely inconsitent behavior with download and upload speeds. The improved speeds that we initially got and have been using for a couple of months was around 350-450 mbps down and 20 up (which is what we pay for). Now we are seeing speeds from 80 to 150mpbs down at best. 


Steps taken to troubleshoot : 

Made sure there was no issue on the ISP side by testing speeds connected directly to the modem

Confirm that degradation of speed is occuring via wifi and ethernet connection through the R6400

Look to see if there was new firmware

Update to newest firmware

Factory reset router after updating firmware (check speeds, no improvement)

Apply above parameters on new firmware (check speeds, no improvement) 


Unsure of what firmware version the router was on prior to updating to the newest one, but the current one we are on is

R6400v2 Firmware Version


Is there anything else I should try to resolve this issue? Should I try reverting to an older firmware version? Do these parameters that were given to us by Netgear support seem correct? (ISP: Spectrum) (Modem: E31T2V1) 


Thank you




Model: R6400|AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: R6400v2 Speed Issues

You may want to try and adjust the wireless channels to another channel I linked a KB on how to find the best one.





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Re: R6400v2 Speed Issues

This is planned obsolescence. I've spent *hours* learning about channels, firmware, QoS, Advanced setups in routerlogin.com


Don't waste your time. This garbage router barely chugs between 100-400mbps when we are hard-lined at 900mpbs+ from our 1gig service with Google Fiber. This was verified by their WebPass technician.


For $200, you can buy a new router that doesn't offer the garbage firmware speed throttle and non-existent customer support unless you think many hours of your time is worth less than $200. Then have fun digging through forums, try changing firmwares, do factory resets, and changing channels.


2 learnings from this garbage company: WiFi Explorer is a great app, & I now know enough about wireless networks now to confirm Netgarbage has lost a customer for life.

Model: R6400|AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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