R6900v2 Issues


R6900v2 Issues

Hey guys,

I’m new to the NETGEAR community and dealing with networking issues, but usually I consider myself someone competent. However, I’m having issues with my AC1900 Smart WiFi Router which, up until now, has had no issues. Using what I experienced today as an example, I was sitting at my computer playing games with the homies when out of nowhere, I disconnect from the game, our voice chat, and no longer have internet access. My first thought was to call my ISP and see if there was an outage or issue on their end. No outages, no issues. They remotely rebooted my system twice to no avail. Their diagnosis was an issue between my modem (Arris SURFboard SB8200) and the router. I have tried everything from new ethernet cables between router and modem, power cycling both devices, even going so far as to factory reset my router, all for nothing. All of the LEDs that should be lit on my router are lit, but my internet/ethernet LEDs are blinking, which would imply they are sending/receiving traffic, but I have no internet access, leading me to believe a modem-to-router issue is more likely. I haven’t been able to figure anything out so this is kind of a last hope. Side note: I’ve had my router for close to 9 months, and my warranties are no longer valid, putting a stop to the NETGEAR support route 🥺

Thanks in advance! 

Model: R6900P|Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router
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Re: R6900v2 Issues

What actual firmware version are you on? 

The SB8200 has 2x ethernet ports but for the majority of ISP's, only 1 device can be connected to the modem because they only assign 1 public IP address per device. (unless you pay for more or are on a business grade line). 

Do you have anything else connected to the SB8200?

If you do, disconnect everything fromt he sb8200 (even coax) and power it off for a couple minutes. Power off the router as well and disconnect its devices. 

Then connect coax back to modem, power it on, and give it a couple minutes. 

then connect the router and power it on. 

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