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R7000 Not Taking old firmwares


R7000 Not Taking old firmwares

Ever since I’ve gotten the R7000 it doesn’t give me the right download/upload. I have fiber internet 500up/500down the router caps out at 200 down and 100 upload. I’ve read many posts on reverting firmware helps but when i try to. Every Single firmware gets error -2 not compatible. What can i do to w rid of the bottlenecked speed?
Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R7000 Not Taking old firmwares

@Crowsfuneral  It would be helpful if you gave a little more info about your router. How long have you owned it, is it a recent build model, or pre-owned?


You don't say which firmware you have loaded onto the router. The latest firmware for this model is:




If the router has had multiple firmware's installed over a period of time, it might be worth doing a full factory reset and then installing the latest firmware. You might want to back up your router settings first, or just start afresh and re-apply after.


Don't be too quick to blame the router as the cause of the issues. How do you know it's not your ISP that is the issue? If you're based in the US, it seems from reading through this forum, that so many of the problems R7000 owners complain about, seem to be in the US, but then this is a very US centric forum, so I guess that's hardly surprising. Some of us just don't have any issues.


Where is your router placed? Are you trying to connect all of your devices via WiFi, or do you have some hard wired?


Is your fibre internet, fibre to the premises? I only ask because here in the UK for instance, many people have what is known as fibre to the cabinet and then copper line into the house, and that does have an effect on speeds etc. In my case, I have fibre to the premises, so cable straight in, router plugs into an Optical Network Terminal which acts as the modem if you like.


How many devices do you have connected to your network? Have you split your 2.4 and 5ghz channels into 'normal' and Guest networks? For instance, I have all of my IoT devices on Guest networks.


There's clearly a few things you could try. As for putting older firmwares back onto your router, well, some contributors will say, 'Yeah, crack on' but that should come with a word of caution because older firmwares may have security vulnerabilites which are subsequently addressed in newer releases. If you're happy with putting an older firmware on your router, then accept the risks that come with it..

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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