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Re: R7000 wifi drops often on V1.0.11.126_10.2.112


R7000 WIFI drops often on V1.0.11.126_10.2.112, sometimes cannot connect

I have not upgraded my R7000 firmware for maybe a couple of years but decided recently to upgrade to V1.0.11.126_10.2.112


Ever since, my wifi has issues (cannot connect due to authenticaion errors, constant drops, etc) almost if not daily. 


I see something like the following, but it mentions downgrading firmware that are several versions back.  What seems to be the most recent firmware version that is stable ?


Thanks !



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Re: R7000 wifi drops often on V1.0.11.126_10.2.112

The argreed up most stable version is the version. 

But prior to trying it, try a factory reset and new install. don't use a backup configuration. 

I'd start with that first before downgrading as sometimes old settings can cause issues. 

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Re: R7000 wifi drops often on V1.0.11.126_10.2.112

Three questions


I have seen a couple of references to factory reset before upgrading.   I upgraded to V1.0.11.126_10.2.112 straight from the previous version.  Is the reason it is recommended to factory reset first to clear out any old settings that could cause conflicts?


@plemans Are you suggesting I factory reset, then reinstall V1.0.11.126_10.2.112  or install ?

-If, will I be missing any critical security upgrades (vs V1.0.11.126_10.2.112) ?


If I do a factory reset and turn on VPN, would the current OpenVPN key file no longer work?   I have a family member away at school who uses the R7000's VPN to access his files at home.  



Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R7000 wifi drops often on V1.0.11.126_10.2.112

Firstly, I personally wouldn't downgrade to v.42. It's a four year old + firmware that will undoubtedly lay you wide open to potential security issues. Some will shrug and say 'Maybe, maybe not, don't worry about it' but you makes your choice and you takes your chances.


I'm assuming as you mention VPN that you've had your router chipped? I use a VPN myself, but it's a standalone app, not something I've added to the firmware. If I have any misunderstanding of your set up, please accept my ignorance. I certainly wouldn't try to upgrade/downgrade your firmware with your VPN connected. If I have my VPN connected and I try to access my R7000 browser GUI, it just won't let me log in.


I have to admit, I still struggle to understand why some people have issues upgrading firmware. I've upgraded six times since I bought my router from new, never had an issue with the actual upgrade. I never do a factory reset and the router auto reboots anyway once the firmware has uploaded. I suppose though you could just do a proper factory reset and then start afresh, but what that will do for your VPN, I have no idea.


I highly advise you don't attempt to upgrade the firmware over WiFi, use a stable wired connection. I also disable WiFi in the router prior to upgrading the firmware, but that's a personal quirk for me.


Make sure your MTU packet size is set for your particular ISP. It should auto detect, but sometimes it doesn't get it right. Also, if your country allows it, transmit power on both 2.4 and 5ghz can be altered in the browser GUI, mine is set at 100 percent on both. Also make sure your using the rest of correct settings for your ISP, PPPoE/PPPoA etc.


Other stuff. I have disabled UPnP and auto update. I've also enabled HTTPS only. I've also changed my ISP DNS to opendns servers. Check your NTP server too and set if for your locale.

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R7000 wifi drops often on V1.0.11.126_10.2.112



The reason for my post is I am also thinking what security am I missing downgrading to v42.


The VPN I am using is the built-in OpenVPN server that came with the R7000.


I always upgrade my firmware from a PC connected to the R7000 through a switch (hardwired)


I am in the US, I transmit both 2.4 and 5ghz but I transmit at 75% b/c I live in a small home.  Also, I am experiencing authenticaion issues and drops for devices within 5 feet of the router, so distance and transmit power is likely NOT an issue here.


And, why does matching MTU, etc w/ my ISP matter for the WIFI setting to my devices?  For example, this morning, I had to rebott the router to allow two devices to get past the "cannot authenticate" connection error (WIFI) to the router


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Re: R7000 wifi drops often on V1.0.11.126_10.2.112

I suspect there have been numerous security fixes/enhancements since v.42. At the end of the day, you want your router to be as secure as possible.


I too live in a small home, but I still run my WiFi power at 100 percent. I don't get any interference issues from elsewhere.


MTU packet size. I genuinely can't answer your question. I just assumed that those areas of settings would need to be set as your ISP intended.


Are all of your WiFi devices using the latest drivers etc? Ok, I get it you can't check some stuff. My dishwasher got an over the air update just the other day lol! Also, I use a Windows laptop, but the WiFi drivers are all Intel and they are updated regularly from the Intel update service.


It's a tough one I think, process of trial and error. What firmware were you using before you upgraded the firmware?

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R7000 wifi drops often on V1.0.11.126_10.2.112

Unfortunately I did not write down what firmware version I was using before I upgraded. But I had to upgrade because VPN was not allowing my family member (who is now away at school) log on to the network when MAC IP Address security was turned on (works fine when this feature is turned off).  Funny because it allows my laptop to VPN in and the models of our two laptops are only two years apart. 


One device that was working fine for past couple of weeks with the new V1.0.11.126_10.2.112 is our Amazon Echo Show, and it has the latest firmware.  The other is my Android device.  Just yesterday, the Show would NOT authenticate and my Android did not want to connect to either.  Both works fine now with a router reboot.



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Re: R7000 wifi drops often on V1.0.11.126_10.2.112

OK, I am going with this method of

1) factory reset

2) upgrade to latest firmware



Update, it looks like my original update was to V1.0.11.126_10.2.110 NOT V1.0.11.126_10.2.112.    After the factory reset tonight, it looks like somehow the firmware went to V1.0.11.126_10.2.112.  So, what I did was (after the reset), reinstalled V1.0.11.126_10.2.112.


I will report back in a week or so on whether this fixed the router WIFI issues.

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