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Re: R7000 wifi drops


Re: R7000 wifi drops

Yes, I did.

I flashed through Odin a whole new system partition of latest firmware


1 TV and 2 Android devices, and many threads here with same issue

So, clearly, it is related to Android, but could be fixed by Netgear... Maybe devices stuck to november/december updates are out of luck since Netgear doesn't seem aware of the issue

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Re: R7000 wifi drops


I fixed the issue, really f**king stupid fix. I had to narrow my google search to xda:



Hey everyone I was able to temporarily fix this issue by turning off wifi scanning in (Settings > Location > Improve Accuracy). I heard somewhere on here it might have been a recent app update that is causing the issue.

I normally always have this setting off. I verified, and all my devices had it on back. I guess on each Android update they try to dig again in our privacy...


Disabling it fixed all disconnections on my Galaxy Note 4. Newer devices like Android 7 and Android 8 phones have no issues with this option enabled


Hope it can help Netgear fix it also on their side. In fact, this fix cannot resolve my Android TV disconnections. A TV firmware update made things better on TV but did not fix completely the disconnections

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