Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

R7000p 2 of them


R7000p 2 of them

I have 2 of the r7000p models in my home. 1 is setup as an AP, and the other is the primary. They are linked by Ethernet.

I found that my laundry/smoking room is a dead zone from the main router in the home, so I bought the 2nd r7000p and put it in that room, as an AP, which also helps outdoor coverage on that side of my house.

My problem is I can not move between the 2 and maintain good WiFi without turning off the WiFi on my device and back on once I’m in the room with the AP.

If I leave that room and go back into the main house I again have to toggle my device’s WiFi off/on to connect to the router. I can not seamlessly pass between the 2 coverage areas. PLEASE HELP.
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Orbi WiFi 7