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R7800 loses entire folder over media share when an SRT file is present ...


R7800 loses entire folder over media share when an SRT file is present ...

I am able to access my readyshare folder over my LG Smart TV just fine, I have a MOVIES folder and I can see 10 movies in the folder. One of the movies has some foreign language so I pulled down a matching SRT file, renamed it to match the exact filename of the movie, save for the extension staying .SRT. I am able to play this through Media Player, and VLC on my windows machine just fine by accessing the \\readyshare\usb share. When I try to access the media server on my TV I can no longer see the ENTIRE movies folder, by simply adding one SRT file the media server has bugged out and lost the entire folder, once I delete the SRT file and refresh the media share everything shows up again. 


I went one step further and pulled down an SQLite browser and was looking at the files.db file, when I add that SRT file the files.db loses every single file in the same folder as the SRT file, none of them exist in any table, pull the SRT file and refresh and boom they all come back. So it looks like the media server itself sees the SRT file as invalid and invalidates the entire folder as a result. Has anyone found a fix for this? Right now I'm having to pull the videos into Avidemux and merge the SRT file into the actual movie and output a new file to play. I have tested the subtitles directly by putting them on a USB drive with the movie and plugging it straight into my TV and it works fine.


I'm running an R7800 with firmare V1.0.2.68. Thanks for any assistance!

Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Wifi Router
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Re: R7800 loses entire folder over media share when an SRT file is present ...

The fix is called use the right tool for the job which is a NAS. Routers are poorly designed to act as media servers. Most routers have it as an addon and not as core feature so the marketing teams can brag about it on the router package

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