Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

R7900P-100NAS firmware update


R7900P-100NAS firmware update

I bought this unit a few years ago and started to have problems with it dropping the network connection. When I looked at the firmware upgrades available the notes said that the later firmware does not play well with my TiVos. Not being sure just what that entailed I went for a Band-Aid fix. I put a timer switch in the power line of the router so that it turns off for one minute at 3AM each night. this has seemed to work quite well for the most part. the downside is that my Canon laser printer hiccups when the IP address is changed and posts a message to the fact of the change. Not a big deal but I have to clear the error before I can use the printer each day. This is OK when I am home but occasionally when I am on the road I would like to be able to send a document to my printer but of course I am not at home to clear the error message. I also bought a Nest thermostat so that I could modify/monitor the settings when I am away from home and it is exhibiting symptoms that it seems to be resetting the set temperature each night to a new one. I'm thinking this may be linked to the nightly shutdown of the router. I am willing to perform the firmware upgrade to restore peace between my devices but am wondering just what effect the upgrade will have on my TiVos. Anyone have an idea what I will lose?

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Re: R7900P-100NAS firmware update

What Firmware version is currently loaded?
What is the Mfr and model# of the Internet Service Providers modem/ONT the NG router is connected too?

How many wired and wireless devices do you have connected? 


What channels are you using? Auto? Try Auto and 48 on 5Ghz. Or try setting manual channel 1, 6 or 11 on 2.4Ghz and 40 to 48 channel on 5Ghz.
Any Wifi Neighbors near by? If so, how many?


How do you have Advanced Wireless settings configured? 


Has a factory reset and setup from scratch been performed since last FW update?

My Setup ISP SparkLight | Internet Cable 1000↓/50↑ CAX80 Modem Mode  | Wifi Router RAXE500 and RBKE963; Router mode | Switches NG GS105/8, GS308v3, GS110MX and XS505M | Additional NG HW: C7800/CAX30/CAX80/CM1100/CM1200/CM2000, Orbi: CBK40, CBK752, RBK50, RBK853, RBK752, RBK953, SXK30 | NightHawk: MK63, R7000, R7800, R7960P, R8000, RAXE500, RAX120v2, RAX50v2, XR450/500/700/1000, EX7500/EX7700

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