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R8000 Slow Wifi Speed - Firmware


R8000 Slow Wifi Speed - Firmware

Wifi speeds have dropped for all devices in my home.  I'm not sure if the recent firmware update is the cause of this because we were seeing some slower speeds before.  Current firmware version is1.0.4.66_10.1.75.


I have 100/100 Mb.  When I run a speed test from the app via wifi or remote, while it's running it's test the upload and download speed starts slow and then progressively gets faster i.e. start 10Mb and ends <40Mb.  Occasionally it starts slow and then gets up to 100Mb, but it never starts any faster.  It seems like it's very unstable.  I've also ran a speed test via the internet from my computers browswer and it's oddly slow all the time.  I've checked with my provider and they have verified download speeds.


I've read several recent and past posts with people suggesting the router needs a factory reset and reversion to a previous version of the firmware, then update to the most recent firmware.  I'm not sure if I should do that and if so what version do I go back to. What is the exact process for this and what firmware version should I got back to?


Moving forward I completed a factory reset and a speed test from my computers browser and everything appears to be working fine, however via the Nighthawk app it still shows slow speeds via wifi or remote connect.  This is still too inconsistent for me, including when from the app it use to be a lot faster.


Thoughts? Help?



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Re: R8000 Slow Wifi Speed - Firmware

have not noticed any speed issues with that new firmware.  I have the same router/firmware and have not any speed issues but my readyshare drive did stop working after that update.  I have tested it with two different drives/cables with reboots on the devices with no change.  


I don't test using that app but there are a lot of things that can interfere with a speed test.  Don't get to hung up over that if things are working well.  

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Re: R8000 Slow Wifi Speed - Firmware

The firmware isn't really my concern, the speed of the wifi is.  I've read a lot of posts and typically the first question is what firmware is being used then it's followed by do a restart and revert to an older version of the firmware, and then reinstall firmware updates.  


Anyway, all I care about is why is the wifi slowing down.  The firmware happened to just be updated in the middle of all this.  I understand I shouldn't get hung up on the speed test, including within the app, but the app has been pretty accurate and the decrease we are seeing correlates with what the app is showing.  Ignoring this doesn't seem logical to me.  Perhaps that is a different problem, but my problem still exists...slower than normal speeds.

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Re: R8000 Slow Wifi Speed - Firmware

What modem/gateway do you have? 

What speeds do you get hardwired to the modem?

What speeds do you get hardwired to the router? 
You put that you're testing in the app. The nighthawk app? speedtest app? which app? 

And you do tend to see speeds start low and increase. I have gigabit and it starts out around 40mbps. 

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Re: R8000 Slow Wifi Speed - Firmware

Turn off QOS.

I noticed that after the speed test, it does not save the recent speed reported, and then trottles back using the older/much slower speed test results. 



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Re: R8000 Slow Wifi Speed - Firmware

I’m having the same issues with WiFi dropping and speeds decreasing! I download the old firmware update and it’s been running better! The firmware that I am using now is R7850-V1.0.5.48_10.0.4. I disabled the automatic update inside the interface of the router and would recommend doing some research after the next firmware is out.
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Re: R8000 Slow Wifi Speed - Firmware

How do you revert to a old firmware?
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Re: R8000 Slow Wifi Speed - Firmware

you will need to do a manual install to revert.





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