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R8000 freezes and disconects wifi


R8000 freezes and disconects wifi

Hi I've issue with my Netgear R8000. It frezees more or less once a week, at this time I'm unable to connect to it and also to Wi-Fi networks that are on this router. Also it not possible to connect to router via web browser or Nighthawk app.

After restart by dissconecting the power and connecting it once more it restarts and works fine for about one week. 

I'm using the newest firmware V1.0.4.68_10.1.75. 

This issue is really annoying and there no other possibility to get it in use while I'm outside the home so I cannot use my devices that are connected to my Wi-FI


Could anybody help me ?? 

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R8000 freezes and disconects wifi

A couple things you can try and the steps I'd try them in.

1. Try a reinstall of the firmware over a hardwired connection. After the reinstall, do a factory reset and clean setup (not using a backup configuration). If you had a corrupt firmware or corrupt setting, doing a reinstall/reset would clear out both. 

2. If that doesn't help, try installing version 1.0..4.28 of the firmware to it. Again go a reset/new install option. Some R8000's didn't play nice with the netgear armor firmware and the newer version had armor built in. That was the last version prior to armor. 

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