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R8300 Firmware revision 1.02.154 Not Logging anything but DHCP


R8300 Firmware revision 1.02.154 Not Logging anything but DHCP

My R8300 is still at firmware revision 1.02.136 because the 1.02.144 never would configure and run properly.


Now 1.02.154 has several major issues making it impossible for me to update and use it.

  1. DNS slow to resolve  
  2. First load of any webpage has a short stall before it presents - sometimes you get the RELOAD button in Chrome
  3. Website blocking simply is NOT blocking
  4. No activity other than DHCP is being logged


I have 30-30-30 reset AND reconfigured from scratch - the amount of work required it should be reconfigured from SLASH!

I have allowed the auto update to run after a 30-30-30 and NO saved config still it simply doesnt work.  


Is anyone else seeing these issues?  All advise appreciated.

Model: R8300|Nighthawk X8 AC5000 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: R8300 Firmware revision 1.02.154 Not Logging anything but DHCP

I recevied a call from netgear support after posting here.  I was told they would normally replace a device that has these issues but I didnt have a receipt etc so they could not replace mine.  As much as I asked I could get no information as to what might resolve the issue or if a fix was in the works.  I have down rev'ed but still no log entries.  I was getting about one log emailed per hour now I get one every 3 hours!  thats a big big difference. A friend took a look and said the router is behaving as if a transparent proxy has been installed somewhere on the network or into the router itself.  Can anyone confirm they get entries posted for the following categories using firmware 1.2.154 please?



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