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Recent connection issue


Recent connection issue

So starting Monday morning, my wifi connection was gone. I got home after work and did some troubleshooting. I disconnected the router from my modem, restarted the modem, reconnected the router and everything was fine. Now this morning my wife told me it wasn’t connected again. So again I came home, but now it was fine. After 20 minutes, it cut out again. For the past 3 hours it will connect for a minute, disconnect for a minute and then connect etc etc. Even when I got onto my nighthawk app, it’s says to “enable location services” for my 5g network, which it never did before. And because of this, it can’t find my wifi to connect to. Even when I go into wifi and connect to my regular network and not the 5g, it connects but in less than a minute it will disconnect. Can anyone shine any light on what I’m dealing with here?
Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Recent connection issue

I am expericing the same issue.  The modem will not connect.   Turns off and on.  No support help.  Waited One Hour and 40 mins before hanging up.   

Model: MR1100|Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router
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