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Re: Router Access Error


Router Access Error

I have setup a VPN on my intermal network. It uses the standard VPN ports:

1723 and 500. I been seeing access attempts to these ports on a daily basis, see below:

LAN access from remote] from to, Sunday, Mar 07,2021 13:23:35
LAN access from remote] from to, Sunday, Mar 07,2021 02:32:40

There were lots more, but I abbreviated the log for brevity. I have two questions as Follows:

1. The first IP is from China and when I do an NSLOOKUP on it nothing is returned. Is this malicious activity


2. If so is there a way to block this from happening with my R6900P router?

Much gratitude for any and all responses!


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Re: Router Access Error

The router does not have a feature like this you may have to look into a firewall solution.



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