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Re: Router limitting my speed??


Router limitting my speed??

High and good day to you guys.

I'm having problems with my router
I just bought it yesterday and it was actually working perfectly fine
I have spectrum for my provider and I have 400Mbps plan

I tested it with their modem directly plugged in to my pc and it was working great
But then I needed wifi so I bought this router.
Note: I checked the speed and run a speedtest after I installed the wifi router and I was getting the correct speed which is 400Mbps

But then again today when I run a speed test again just to check is everything is working perfectly fine, it seems that it caps me out to at least 90Mbps

I called spectrum first, they run a speedtest in my modem, then we tried plugging the pc directly to the modem and it was actually working perfectly fine. Again 400Mbps

But when I plug it back in to this wifi router (Nighthawk AC1900)
it goes back to 90Mbps

I actually don't know what is happening and do you think I need to change settings in the router itself?
I am calling tech support for netgear Right now, but Ive been on hold for at least 1hour and 25Mins now.

Model: R6900|Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Router limitting my speed??

How are you connecting to the router? Via wif or via ethernet? 

What device are you testing on? (model and wireless chipset)

What firmware are you on? 

What modem is it connected to? 


speedtest over the ethernet connection. 

Also, make sure you're not testing over the 2.4ghz band. its much much slower than 5ghz. 

Make sure qos, parental control, traffic monitoring, and access control are disabled. Then reboot the router. 


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Re: Router limitting my speed??

I personally had to factory reset my router (R6700v3) and make sure I never turned those feature back on to get my 300mb plan.

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