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Re: Schedule Reboot for my Router


Schedule Reboot for my Router

I've these two routers in my home wifi setup, one is configured as the main router and another as the Wi-Fi access point, I've noticed that once in a week or so, my devices will say not connected to the internet and reboot the router will just solve it.


I would like to know a reliable solution to schedule reboots for these routers, like weekly or daily, smart plugs will not work as they are dependent on the internet connection, both these routers are connected to UPS, I don't see a feature in the router home page to schedule it.

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Re: Schedule Reboot for my Router

Routers should not need any form of daily or weekly reboots. They are designed to work 24/7 and all the time. If reboots are needed, means there is a problem that needs to be vetted out and resolved. 


What channels are you using between these two routers? 

Same SSID name on both or different? 

Distanced between them in feet? 


What is the Mfr and model# of the Internet Service Providers modem/ONT the NG router is connected too?

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Re: Schedule Reboot for my Router

Smart plugs would work. 

I've used them on routers/AP's before. 

You're literally just setting a weekly schedule on them. 

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Re: Schedule Reboot for my Router

Thanks for your response.


I'm based in India and using this for ACT fibre, 

My main router is R6220: Both 2G and 5G Channel are set to Auto

Primary router IP:

Under LAN settings reserved for R7000P and configured as an access point.

IGMP Proxying is disabled

IPSec Passthrough is enabled

PPTP Passthrough is enabled

L2TP Passthrough is enabled



The channel for the secondary router is 44, it doesn't have an auto option

The distance between these two is approximately 20 feet, with a 9-inch concrete wall with a 3-inch wooden panel, The Lan cable is connected to LAN port 1 on the primary router and the other end is connected into the WAN port of the access point router.


I live in a gated community where the service provider go a switch (make/model not available) at the basement and a direct line to my primary router WAN port.

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Re: Schedule Reboot for my Router

Regarding using the smart plug, what happens to a smart plug when internet connectivity is not there, both my routers have a router UPS connected, the small ones, so smart plug might not work else when I go out,I shall remove the UPS and put them directly into wall with smart plug in between.

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Re: Schedule Reboot for my Router

Each smart plug is different. I have a couple that'll work with a schedule even if they drop offline and others that don't function at all offline.

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